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spacer Grill-O and Business Meeting, Jul 12, 2015

Picnic @ 4:30 PM  Pool available along with the usual burgers and stuff.
Business Meeting @ 6 PM  We will be discussing typical things.

   - Online Reservations are OPEN!

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   - Open to all members and guests

The picnic (Grill Out) and business meeting will be held at the Genovesi's house in Fairview, Texas.

spacer NTOA Cup Competition

[ Results as of Tyler State Park meet. ]

2014-2015 Season Final Results!

Gold: 245 - Plano East
Silver: 210 - North Mesquite
Bronze: 96 - Mesquite

spacer Boy Scout Orienteering Merit Badge

A merit badge briefing will take place 30 minutes before the beginner’s clinic at the monthly meets of the North Texas Orienteering Association. For 2 day meets the briefing will be on day 1 only.

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or i en teer ing (noun): a cross-country race in which each participant uses a map and compass to navigate between checkpoints along an unfamiliar course.

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