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spacer Grill-O and Business Meeting, New Date!! Sep 9th, 2017

Picnic @ 5:00 PM  Pool available along with the usual burgers and stuff.
Business Meeting @ 6 PM  We will be discussing typical things.

   - Online Reservations are OPEN!

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   - Open to all members and guests

The picnic (Grill Out) and business meeting will be held at the Genovesi's house in Fairview, Texas.

Summer Break

The NTOA events for the 2016-2017 season are now behind us. We may have an event or two this summer, so check back occasionally. Any events we have will be posted here on the NTOA website.

During the summer, our club will be doing most of the preparatory work for the next season. We have already posted the event schedule for the new fall season. Watch for the announcement of our annual summer business meeting.

Get involved and help make our next season an even better one!

Now is a great time to volunteer for a task for next year and get training from the current club member performing that task. Contact any of the current club volunteers and find out how you can help!

spacer Boy Scout Orienteering Merit Badge

A merit badge briefing will take place 30 minutes before the beginner’s clinic at the monthly meets of the North Texas Orienteering Association. For 2 day meets the briefing will be on day 1 only.

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or i en teer ing (noun): a cross-country race in which each participant uses a map and compass to navigate between checkpoints along an unfamiliar course.

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